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Leaping Livers 2024

Sienna’s second chance!

A few days after Sienna was born, she had jaundice and needed phototherapy whilst in hospital. This is a common scenario which normally ends there. However, her jaundice returned over the next few weeks, and subsequent investigations led to a life threatening diagnosis of biliary atresia - a blockage of the bile ducts in the liver. She had her first major surgery at 9 weeks old, but this was only ever a temporary solution. We knew she would need a liver transplant at some point in her life. 

Over the next few months, she had more hospitalisations as she became increasingly unwell. Throughout it, she was still a smiley and happy girl!

Eventually, Sienna had her liver transplant at 6 months old, and since then she has been racing around and hasn’t stopped!

Sienna is such a cheeky, joyful girl who is full of life. We are so thankful to the Westmead team and to her donor for giving her a second chance at life. It would mean a lot to our family if you were in a position to make a donation, or to seriously consider becoming an organ donor. 

Lots of love,
Ant, Jess, Sienna and Ziggy!

Help us support the Liver Transplant Unit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead by sponsoring us at Leaping Livers Lapping the Lagoon 2024

Hi there,

We are taking the leap and running (and maybe walking) 9km around Narrabeen Lagoon on Sunday 28 July 2024 to help raise vital funds for the Liver Transplant Unit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

As many of you know, Sienna has had a very rough start to life and we are so thankful for the care she has received, and continues to receive. 

Your support of our country’s largest paediatric liver transplant centre will help ensure all kids with liver disease have continued access to world-class care, no matter where, no matter what.

Please help me make every step count. Your support just takes a minute and will go a long way.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tan Family

So thankful for the medical team who have given Sienna a second chance.


Christine T

Much love to Sienna and the Ha family! <3


Jessica Ha


Sarah Farrell


Mcclelland Family

The liver transplant team has given Sienna & her extended family a new healthy start. Thank you


Ravindra Fakily

Good Luck to you all Jessica, Anthony and Sienna!!


Jennifer Harkins

You are all an inspiration! Am so relieved that Sienna has had a second chance and very grateful to the amazing team at Westmead. Hope you all have fun raising funds for this worthy cause 💗


Hilary & Kin

Let's go Sienna!!!


Jessica Jones

Go Sienna !! We are so grateful to her donor x


Hana Dinh

Good luck! This is awesome ☺️



So inspirational! Love seeing her smiley face :)


Suet Mie Lim


Olivia Missiakos


Debbie Geyer

Go Team Sienna!




Jackson G

With love to you all




Daniela Panizza

Enjoy the walk! Yay for organ donation!!


Cecilia Ng