Leaping Livers
Lapping the Lagoon 2024

Fundraising tips and resources to help you reach your goal

  1. Get Interactive - Use your fundraising page to tell a story. You can add photos, thank your donors and update them on your training and preparation for the walk.
  2. Communicating is key - Don’t be shy to ask friends, family and colleagues for donations to help sick kids. They are usually more than happy to help if you ask. Start with an email, text or friendly chat explaining why you’re taking part in the walk – adding a personal or funny story always helps!
  3. Get Social - Share your journey on social media! Keep your friends updated, track your training with selfies and share why you’re taking part.
    • Direct ask: use your messenger app to send direct asks to people – it’s a more personal approach.
    • Group pages: don’t forget to message appropriate group pages that you’re a part of.
    • Acknowledge donations: post to a friend’s timeline to thank them for their donation. It will encourage others to donate too!
    • Hashtag: Use #LeapingLiversLappingtheLagoon in all of your social posts so everyone can see you’re a part of something special!