Teresa Hanna

Leaping Livers 2019

My little miracle man!

Emmanuel came very fast into this world being born within 10 minutes of walking through the maternity ward doors.

It was only 2 days later I was back in hospital fearing the worst for my little boy who looked like he was just hanging onto this life.

While in a coma in PICU we were told the devistating news that he had an extremely rare metabolic disorder which affects 1 in 50,000-80,000 children.

We were advised by the medical teams that due to the brain damage caused by several seizures, they feared that Emmanuel would not lead a life worth living.

But by grace and faith we decided that our little Emmanuel deserved his chance at life here with us. 

Although, with his disease, it was very likely that he would not live to see his 2nd birthday. And after countless discussions with the medical teams and lots of thought, he was put on the waiting list to receive a new liver.

He has now since, received his new liver, and after a very long stint in hospital, he has been home with Mum, Dad and his 4 siblings.


Please help us give back to those who with their skills, gave us back our little boy!

Will you walk with us? 

Help us support the Liver Transplant Unit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead by sponsoring us at Leaping Livers Lapping the Lagoon 2019

The Liver Transplant Unit at The Children's Hospital at Westmead relies on the generosity of supporters to be able to help those in need. Funds raised through events like Leaping Livers are crucial in enabling them to continue their work.

We believe it's important to raise awareness of childhood liver disease and liver transplantation. Please support us as we challenge ourselves to complete the 9km circuit at Leaping Livers 2019!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Teresa Hanna


Alison Farah

Dear Teresa, wishing him happiness and health. Love Alison, Gus and Farah family


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Georgette Farah

Dear Teresa and Louie, you and your family are in our prayers. Love Georgette Farah


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Best of luck with your fundraising. Regards, Scott & Sara Edwards Starr Partners Real Estate


Teresa Hanna