The Elstons are Walking for Livers

Leaping Livers 2019

Help us support the Liver Transplant Unit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead by sponsoring us at Leaping Livers Lapping the Lagoon 2019

Hello family and friends!! 

We are walking again this year to raise funds for equipment for the Liver Transplant Unit at Westmead. Ziggy will need ongoing medical treatment and checkups for the rest of his life and possibly at some stage another liver transplant. Every time we go to clinic we see another poor family going through what we went through before Ziggy got his new liver. If you are able to donate, big or small, it would be so greatly appreciated.

Biggest hugs, the Elstons xxx

 Ziggy's Story

As most of you know my son, Ziggy, was born with Biliary Atresia (BA), a chronic liver disease affecting his bile ducts. BA deteriorates the liver and in Ziggy’s case, his BA was very advanced. He had an operation at 2 weeks old, a Kasai procedure, to try and preserve his own liver for as long as possible. The procedure started to fail and this meant by 7 months of age Ziggy had zero chance of survival without a new liver. Ziggy spent most of his life in hospital and was on a ridiculous amount of medication to try and keep his liver and body functioning. 

A bit about the liver: not many people realise how much the liver does. It is responsible for bacteria filtration, immunity, the production of bile salts, protein synthesis, drug, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, vitamin storage and makes factors which are needed for normal blood clotting. Just to name a few. So if this major organ fails then the rest of your body fails too. 

In the scariest time of our lives, Ziggy went into liver failure and was losing his battle, he had no option but to get a liver transplant, as a matter of life or death. There are two groups of people I want to thank in this post. 

One, the amazing team he has at Children’s Hospital at Westmead. These are the nursing staff, the doctors, the Gastroenterologists, the CNCs, dieticians who looked after Ziggy leading up to and after the transplant and the amazingly talented transplant surgeons who took our son’s life in their hands and worked their magic. 

Two, to the people who donate life. Without donors my son would be no longer with us and for all donors we are eternally grateful. At one point there were many children on the transplant wait list with zero donors. It took 3 months before livers became available, then suddenly 11 transplants happened in 32 days! Only 2% of organ donors are actually able to donate. You need to pass in very specific circumstances, so that is why we need more people to donate. One adult sized liver can save two people! If you are thinking of being a donor, make sure you register your intensions online and tell your family. Donating life could save a baby like Ziggy and we are so very grateful to the family who donated such a precious gift to him.

I'm attempting to make a difference and fundraising for Children’s Hospital at Westmead (Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation Limited), a cause that is obviously close to my heart. We are taking part in the Leaping Livers walk on July 22nd and are hoping to raise enough money for surgical equipment, vital for liver transplantation. If you are able to donate, big or small, it would be so greatly appreciated. Or walk with us and register at

Simply click the link below to view my fundraising page and donate.

All donations to this site are sent directly to Children’s Hospital at Westmead (Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation Limited) and you'll get a receipt automatically via email. 

Help do even more by 'liking', leaving a 'comment' and 'sharing' my page too. Every little bit helps to reach my target of $1000.00. So please dig deep for this great cause and help make a difference. 

Thank you for your support!

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My beautiful son, we love you so, so much and feel so blessed you made it through your liver disease with the help of this amazing gastro team!!


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Our little brave Lion Ziggy!! You're the bravest boy we know & your personality is bigger than the moon! We love you so very much. xxxxx






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