Indi ~ Warrior Princess 👑

Leaping Livers 2021

Indiana’s Journey So Far

Indi was diagnosed with a rare liver disease at day 20 of life. 

She had her first operation (Kasai surgery) at Day 26. 

Although our whole world had been turned upside down, you were absolute perfection. You were so loved and you were so brave every step of the way.

The next 5 months were spent in and out of hospital with a few hiccups and close monitoring from the Liver Team @ Westmead. 

At 5 months old we were admitted to Westmead Children’s Hospital to get you worked up for a life saving Liver Transplant. Little did we know at that time that you would become so unwell that we wouldn’t leave pre transplant. 

We waited for “the call” watching you become very ill day by day. A very heartbreaking few weeks. 

Luckily, just in the nick of time we received the call that they had a suitable liver for you! Many emotions that day, so thankful for her second chance at life but also grief for her donor’s family. 

After some ups and downs post transplant we were able to take you home 2 months later. 

We are going in 2 years post transplant now and are so proud of our Warrior Princess. She is absolutely kicking goals! 

We are thankful for all the little things and moments in life and are so grateful she is here with us now. 

We cannot thank the Liver Team enough for everything they have done for Indi and us so far and will continue to do until she hits adulthood. 

Please support this amazing team and cause any amount is amazing! 

Love Ryan, Lee, Jayden + Indiana xxx 

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The Liver Transplant Unit at The Children's Hospital at Westmead relies on the generosity of supporters to be able to help those in need. Funds raised through events like Leaping Livers are crucial in enabling them to continue their work.

We believe it's important to raise awareness of childhood liver disease and liver transplantation. Please support us as we challenge ourselves to complete the 9km circuit at Leaping Livers 2021!

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Sarah Mcpherson

We love you Indie ❤️ Love Aunty Sarah & Uncle Mick xxx


Amy Richards


Natalie May


Belle Smith


Bianca Watts

Your family is inspirational and Indi is the luckiest girl i know xx


Bridge Fam

All the best for your walk guys! 💝


Deborah Badraun

Such a special Warrier Princess much love from Aunty Deb and Gian x


Frankie Lifestyle

Such a special little girl 💕


Graham Mcpherson

indi u rearly are a warrior princess , roar like a lion for me .


Jasmin Simpson




Jenny Worland


Jodi, Steve, Aston & Imogen

Are truly inspirational little girl and family xx


Katie Baker



Kellyann White



Kristen Mcleod


Lee Mcbay


Lee Mcbay


Lish, Jez & Girls

A very brave and inspirational warrior princess and family! Have a great walk.


Louise, Ron The Boys And Their Babes.

Hello Warrior Princess indi. We have followed your journey from afar. One day soon there will be cuddles. Xx



The ultimate fighter! Seriously amazing!! 💛💛


Maxine Mcpherson

Warrior girl 💖


Mcleod's X

For you Indi you superstar!!🤩🥰😘


Michelle Hendriks

I love watching you grow on social media Indi, go girl 💪🥰


Nanny And Poppy

We love you 😘


Nikki Green

Indi, you truely are a “warrior Princess”. Thankyou to your donor who has given you an incredible gift which allows us to have you in our lives, happy & healthy & also to leaping livers. We love you so much. 💗The greens x


Pam An Rob Green



Go Indi, you got this little Warrior Princess


Rhiannon Grant

although we haven't met, you are an daily inspiration. Congrats on everything you have achieved and represent. Much love, the Grants x


Romy Brown

Lots of love from your cousin 💜


The Hutchos



The Sims

We love you Indi 💖